In 2007 Sicirec Bolivia ltda started with a business initiative by the name of ArBolivia, which is being implemented in the areas adjacent to the National Parks of Madidi, Pilón Lajas, Carrasco and Amboró. It is still the main activity developed by Sicirec.   It involves the reforestation and restoration of deforested land with predominantly native species and is being implemented together with farmers under a joint venture investment scheme .

ArBolivia is an alternative business initiative to promote reforestation and economic development of small farmer families in the Amazon Basin ArBolivia is not a development project in the traditional sense but is based on shared investment and fair trade principles , with an integrated forestry, financial, socio-ethical and ecological approach. Since 2007, 1460 ha woodlots and 300 ha of agroforestry, with about 900 farmer families have been established and consolidated; all the plantations were registered as biological asset.