About Us

SICIREC Bolivia Ltd. is an environmentally and socially motivated enterprise established in 2006 with extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects and initiatives throughout the production chain in forestry and land use. Its main areas of expertise are the establishment, management and exploitation of forestry /agroforestry plantations and the comprehensive management of forests.

The initiatives developed by Sicirec Bolivia Ltd. share the common objective of contributing to the conservation of the environment whilst at the same time providing an equitable share of income for all participants.

Sicirec Bolivia is currently implementing projects in plantation forestry and agroforestry, climate-smart agriculture, integrated land and forest management, conservation, the preservation and restitution of forests and the development of sustainable production chains in 4 departments of the country.

ArBolivia Project


Seed and seedling production.
Reforestation and Aforestation programs based on shared investment.
Climate Smart Agriculture and Agroforestry production systems.
Strategies for ecosystem´s conservation and environmental services provision.
Harvesting, processing and sale of wood products.
Consultancies and project implementation for 3rd parties.
Monitoring of socioeconomic, productive and environmental impacts.


Work stratigies

Strategies are based on the needs and work capacity of the partners.
Shared investment, not a donation. Farmers are not beneficiaries, they are business partners.
Integrated approach to land use and business planning.
Strict application of technical protocols for site/specie matching.
Long term commitment and following. Strong monitoring and evaluation process.

Our services

Nursery (Seedlings production) ArbolVivo

Main Forest Nursery of San Carlos in Santa Cruz and Forest Nursery El Cebú in Beni; for production of high quality seedlings of forestry and agroforestry species.

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ArBolivia is an initiative that makes available to small farmers with low resources, the alternative of wood production and environmental services from a joint investment scheme.

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Climate Smart Agro-forestry

Sicirec Bolivia propose to integrate agroforestry, combining sustainable, climate-smart agriculture with both tree planting and sustainable forest management.

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ArboReal (timber production)

Sicirec Bolivia Ltd. has implemented wood harvesting, processing and timber commercialization activities in partnership with indigenous families.

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SICIREC Bolivia Ltd. has a interdisciplinary team with extensive experience nationally and internationally.
This team is led by professionals who have more than 90 years of joint experience in forestry.

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