We are a leader in the field for services and investment in (agro) forestry, integrated natural resource management, recognized for our commitment to social and environmental impacts.


Activities throughout the chain of production for forestry and agroforestry development, ensuring social, economic and environmental benefits in the short, medium and long term for all those involved.

Corporate Social Responsability:

CSR is not something separate or additional from day to day business. Our investors are impact investors willing to benefit the society and the environment.

All the activities developped by Sicirec Bolivia Ltd. will respect ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment by minimizing any negative environmental and social impacts and maximizing the positive ones. This is clearly established in the CSR-policy document, which is guiding and establishes a minimum standard for the company.

Key values for the company policy are:

  • Integrity, respect, loyalty, fairness and equality;
  • Commitment, dedication and responsibility;
  • Respect for ecosystems and biodiversity.


  • To create sustainable, forestry, agroforestry and agricultural production systems which are economically viable and offer an alternative to traditional non-sustainable land use practices.
  • To develop sustainable production chains and business plans, which enhance the incomes of small producers.
  • To create viable investment alternatives with a social and environmental impact and attract investment capital and other types of funding to implement alternative production systems.
  • To generate production methods that assist the conservation of the ecosystems and/or the improvement of the environmental functions along with small producers.

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