Sicirec is a legally established Bolivian company with 10 years of experience in forestry

  • All its activities are legally registered with the Forest and Territory Authority (ABT).
  • In coordination with small farmers it carries out activities of establishment, maintenance and harvest of forest plantations.
  • Forest committees composed of farmers and project technicians are in charge of the control, supervision, information, monitoring and evaluation of all activities and conflict resolution.
  • In support of its suitability, it maintains agreements with several local private and public institutions, local and foreign universities, as well as cooperation organizations and investors.
Project Formulation

Identify the specific scope and design of financial strategies for productive agroforestry projects.
Design of productive projects within the framework of the new policies and objectives of sustainable development.

Monitoring and quality control

Monitoring of Forestry Projects with focus on inputs, activities, product management, data registration and systematization. Evaluations of forestry projects to establish impacts.

GIS Consulting

We can help with all spatial analysis needs and can design a scope of work to fit your budget:
Geospatial solutions to a large variety of organizations and institutions. advanced spatial analysis and cartography.

Effective Solutions

Our company is a national benchmark in terms of forestry activities. Our participation in the preparation of studies, presentation in national exhibitions and participation in institutional workshops, is our presentation card.

Motivated work-team

The professionals in charge of the work units have more than 80 years of experience among them, the field technicians are permanently trained and supported by an efficient administrative staff.

Nursery (Seedlings production) ArbolVivo

Main Forest Nursery of San Carlos in Santa Cruz and Forest Nursery El Cebú in Beni; for production of high quality seedlings of forestry and agroforestry species.

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ArBolivia is an initiative that makes available to small farmers with low resources, the alternative of wood production and environmental services from a joint investment scheme.

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Climate Smart Agro-forestry

Sicirec Bolivia propose to integrate agroforestry, combining sustainable, climate-smart agriculture with both tree planting and sustainable forest management.

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ArboReal (timber production)

Sicirec Bolivia Ltd. has implemented wood harvesting, processing and timber commercialization activities in partnership with indigenous families.

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